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Stage Eight - Project evaluation

Our project has come to an end. We hope you had a good time doing project activities and learning about Europe's greatest minds. Whether you are a student, teacher or parent, please take a few minutes to answer our questions about the Great Minds project. Thank you!

June 1,2015  | 

Comenius project visit and festival of literature in Ptolemaida, Greece

In May, towards the end of the Literature Stage, all schools met in Ptolemaida, Greece, to take part in the last project meeting and the Festival of Literature. Each country had a chance to present their own most famous writers and poems and also present stories written by students.
Follow the Ptolemaida Comenius week here.

May 18,2015  | 

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The "Describing the World with Performing Arts" stage is over

From December 2014 to March 2015 our students were learning about Europe's most famous directors, actors, musicians, composers and their works - films, theatre performances, songs and concerts. We were visiting theatres, cinemas, concert halls. We held meetings with actors, directors and other people involved in show business. And most importantly - each school shot a film on the life of their famous mind. That was a lot of fun! You can see all the films in our Stage 6 section.

May 14, 2015  | 

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Comenius project visit and film festival in Katowice, Poland

The first week of March is a great film event in the Polish school. All schools have recorded biographical films presenting the lives of their countries' great minds and these films are the most important reason why guests from England, Greece, Turkey and Lithuania have come to Poland now, at the end of the Performing Arts stage. Follow the Katowice Comenius week here.

March 1, 2015  | 

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The "Describing the World with Visual Arts" stage is over

From September to November 2014 pupils of our schools were learning about Europe's most famous artists - painters, sculptors, architects and designers. Pupils were getting to know facts from the history of European art, painting copies of the masters' artworks, organizing exhibitions and setting up school galleries. They were also visiting local museums and art galleries.

December 1, 2014  | 

The fourth project meeting in Lithuania

In October 2014 the Lithuanian school invited partner school teachers for a project meeting, during which an art exhibition was organized. It included wonderful works of art painted skillfully by our group's pupils, as well as portraits of Europe's famous people along with clever or inspiring quotations attributed to them. Visiting beautiful Vilnius and Trakai added to this unique experience for all partner schools' teachers.

October 30, 2014  | 

The Poland - Lithuania students' exchange (part two)

The last week of September marked the second (final) part of the students' exchange between the schools from Poland and Lithuania. Thanks to the Lithuanian "Minds Without Borders" Comenius project coordinator, Ms Alina Makovska, a group of twenty students and three teachers was able to come to Katowice to take part in trips and workshops together with the Polish hosts.
Some of the events included: sports activities, taking part in regular lessons, trips to Kraków, the Beskidy Mountains and Pszczyna, a barbecue meeting and - most importantly - art workshops connected with painting a mural along the Katowice's school wall. The mural consists of a set of interpretations of Europe's most famous works of art and is our contribution in the "Describing the World with Visual Arts" project stage

September 28, 2014  | 

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Poland's 2013-14 project diary

Dear All,
We have decided to sum up the project activities performed in our school in Katowice during the 2013-14 school year. Here is our project diary - we hope you'll enjoy it. We will be happy to see and read how the project has been going on in your schools, too, and what fantastic things you have been doing!

August 29, 2014  | 

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Starting the second year of the project - all about the humanistic minds

Having relaxed well, all the schools are preparing eagerly and vigorously to begin the second (sadly - final) year of our adventure with Europe's most famous minds. This year we are going to deal with the great artists, musicians, writers and other creators who made our lives more beautiful and interesting.
Let's begin!

August 29, 2014  | 

The "Making Lives better" stage is over

The last three months of the 2014/15 school year were dedicated to getting to know Europe's famous discoverers, inventors, chemists, physicisits and dosctors, who devoted their lives to improving the quality of other people's lives. Pupils were working very hard on creating suggestions for a healthy lifetstyle, collecting information on healing plants and how to use them and also preparing healthy menu cards. Now it is time to relax and enjoy our well-deserved holidays!

July 5, 2014  | 

The Poland - Lithuania students' exchange (part one)

The last week of May was a fantastic time for the pupils from Poland, who had a chance to travel all the way to Lithuania and spend a week there with their Lithuanian peers. They took part in a variety of workshops, lessons, sports and artistic activities, but first of all - made a lot of new friends. The second part of the exchange, with the Lithuanian pupils coming to Poland, will be held in September.

June 3, 2014  | 

The third project meeting, Istanbul, Turkey

On May 19 - 23 the Turkish school from Istanbul hosted the third Comenius meeting of the "Minds" project. Visiting teachers took part in the Festival of Health, where they presented their pupils' healthy lifestyle posters, healing plants cards and healthy menu suggestions. They also taught lessons on their countries' famous discoverers, inventors or doctors, whose work contributed to the wellbeing of mankind.

May 27, 2014  | 

The "Describing the World with Maths" stage is over

After the Crawley meeting, the schools finished our work on the "Describing the World with Maths" stage. Pupils from all partner schools had a chance to learn about Europe's famous mathematicians and how they contributed to the development of world mathematics. Pupils made biographical presentations, crosswords and quizzes. They also prepared comic strips to illustrate the most popular maths rules. Right now we are all starting to work on the "Making Lives Better" stage.

April 1, 2014  | 

The second project meeting, Crawley, UK

On March 17 - 21 the English school from Crawley hosted the second Comenius meeting of our "Minds" project. The teachers from Poland, Turkey, Greece and Lithuania had a chance to meet English students and share with them information on their countries' renowned mathematicians, as the visit was part of the "Describing the World with Maths" stage.

March 23, 2014  | 

"The World and Beyond" stage is over

December 31st marked the end of our work on the "World and Beyond" stage. Pupils from all partner schools had a chance to learn about Europe's famous geographers, astronomers, travellers and all those who contributed to our understanding of the world we live in and who helped us get to know our Earth and Space. Right now we are all beginning working on "Describing the World with Maths" stage.

January 11, 2014  | 

The project logo has been chosen

On 18th November, during the LogoVision online voting event, pupils of all partner schools chose the following work to be the "Minds without Borders" official logo:

November 21, 2013  | 

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The first project meeting, Katowice, Poland

Monday, 21 października 2013
The first "Minds Without Borders" project meeting has started!
Thirteen guests have arrived in Katowice, from England, Greece, Turkey and Lithuania. After meeting the Polish teachers and walking around the school, the guests met some of the classes, teaching them about their schools, cities, countries and famous people. It was great fun for all the children!
See the Monday gallery

October 22, 2013  | 

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Our project is approved

This is fantastic news for our school communities - our project has been officially approved! On September 1st five schools from: Poland, England, Lithuania, Greece and Turkey will start working on "Minds Without Borders".

August 08, 2013  | 

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